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  • Historical Photograph

    Historical Photograph

    Paul Phillips (C.E.O.), talking to H.R.H. Prince Charles and then to Princess Diana at a reception, in 1992. Other British authorities are also pictured.
  • Historical Photograph

    Historical Photograph

    Paul Phillips (C.E.O.), Pelé and Ambassador of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar (1998)
  • Historical Photograph

    Historical Photograph

    Paul Phillips C.E.O. and Zico (1998)

About Us

Business Opportunities in Brazil

PHILLIPS GLOBAL CONSULT is an idoneous company founded in Brasília, the capital of Brazil.

Brazil, as the world’s 6th largest economy, offers a wide spectrum of opportunities for companies and individuals wanting to invest here, or searching for a reliable representative for their own company.

If you browse through our website, and take a look at the “Letters of Recommendation” of our C.E.O., as well as the “Photo Gallery” and Services offered by our company, you will see that you have found what you are looking for!

The future has arrived for Brazil, as we will be hosting the Olympic Games in 2016, among other important events. There is a lot happening.  Why not be part of all Brazil has to offer?

Please check below the main topics of services rendered by our company:

  • Consultancy in International Relations
  • Virtual Office
  • Representation of international and national companies
  • Consultancy in Government organizations and NGO’s
  • Translation, simultaneous interpretation and sworn translations
  • Legal consultancy
  • Production of events (shows, exhibitions, artistic and cultural productions)
  • I.T. services (building of websites, trademarks, maintenance and registration of domains, management software and commercial automation)

As well as the services listed above, we offer the following services in Brazil, for Embassies, International organizations, companies and individuals in general:

  • Courses and Lectures (short courses and lectures in the areas of public and private security, law, international relations and others)
  • Assistance in finding real estate for hire or purchase
  • Security services (CCTV, electronic gates, security locks, electrical fences, etc)
  • Personal defense with Personal trainer (Boxing, kickboxing, jiu-jitsu)
  • Technical services (building, painting, electrical and plumbing)

What We Do

Financial Management and tuition

Short courses and classes with financial expert, who can also provide assistance to companies and individuals, as regards an optimum management of finances.

Real estate for hire, purchase and sale

Professional assistance to clients who need a reliable expert in this area.

Consultancy in Government Organizations, NGO’s and International Relations

In today’s world, geopolitics change constantly, in areas such as; political, economic, social, security and so forth.  We help companies, organizations and institutions better understand these changes, in order to do business in Brazil and Brazilian companies, on the other hand, to do business abroad.

Representation of National and International companies

We are able to represent your company/organization in Brazil, as we know the modus operandi, the culture, language, customs and the law.  Likewise, we have a large network abroad, which can help to establish contacts in the various countries for Brazilian companies, organizations and institutions.

Personal defense and fitness classes with Personal trainer

Boxing, kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, MMA and martial arts in general, with top graded Brazilian athletes.

Technical Services

Building works, refurbishment, painting, electrical, plumbing and other technical services provided to Embassies, institutions, companies and organizations.  These can also be provided to individuals.

I.T. Services

Building of websites, trademarks, maintenance and registration of domains.

Development of management software and commercial automation

Translation, simultaneous interpretation and public translations

English, Spanish, Portuguese, French (other languages upon request)

Language tuition for foreign citizens and Brazilian citizens

Courses | Lectures

Short courses and Seminars in the areas of public and private security, law, international relations, commerce and other fields

Technical lectures in colleges, companies, and other institutions

Motivational lectures

Security Services

Security related services such as: maintenance of electronic gates, CCTV, electric fences, locksmith services (opening of all kinds of locks and manufacture of all types of keys), personal security and other related services.

Production of Events

Shows, artistic and cultural productions and others from abroad and from Brazil to other countries.

Photographic services, footage and video editions and productions.

Chauffeur services

Business in Brazil

Legal consultancy for foreign companies, institutions and organizations wanting to operate in Brazil, as well as helping Brazilian companies who want to do business abroad. Open a Business in Brazil.

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