Paul Robert Phillips C.E.O. – Resume





NAME:  Paul Robert Phillips
DATE OF BIRTH:  08 July 1955
PLACE OF BIRTH: Newport, Wales, United Kingdom
NATIONALITIES:  Brazilian and British (dual nationality)
MARITAL STATUS:   Married, with 2 son
                                Torre Deck Norte – Sala 245
                                Lago Norte – Brasilia – DF
                                CEP: 71.505-000
PHONE NUMBERS: 55-61-9983-3283 | 55-61-3201-3283                





M.B.A. (Master of Business Administration) in International Relations and Management

(ESAD Post Graduation College, Brasília, 2010)


Full Degree in Portuguese and English as a 2nd Language and Literature – (UniCEUB University, Brasília, 2006)


International Extension Certificate – Taken at NISPED (Negev Institute for Strategies of Peace and Development) – Israel – April 2008

(Elected class representative among 8 students from 5 countries)


International Extension Certificate: “Advanced Leadership Seminar”

Taken at the Haggai Institute, Singapore – July/August 2009

(Elected class representative among 29 students from 17 countries)



“Certificate of Proficiency in English”

(University of Cambridge, England)


“Certificate of Proficiency in English”

(Royal Society of Arts, England)

(Passed with Credit and with Distinction in the oral test)


“Certificate of Proficiency in English” (With Honors)

(University of Michigan, USA)


“Certificate of Operational Competence in English” (With Honors)

(University of Southern Illinois, USA)


“Diploma de Español Superior” (Advanced Spanish Diploma)

(Instituto Cervantes, Brasília)


“Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera”

(University of Salamanca, Spain)


“Certificate- F.C.O. (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) Management Procedures” (Taken in Panama, Central America)


“Introduction Course to International Relations”

(University of Brasilia – Open University)


“Introduction Course to Political Sciences”

(University of Brasilia – Open University)


“International Certificate for Language Instructors”

(Berlitz Languages, Brasília)


“Multimedia Standard First Aid Course”

(Taken at the American Red Cross in Pasadena, California, USA)


“Law Course” (incomplete degree) – Taken at UniCEUB University


“Various other Diplomas, certificates and Declarations” (over 80)


“Various articles published”



UNDERSTAND: English, Portuguese and Spanish

SPEAK: English, Portuguese and Spanish

READ: English, Portuguese and Spanish

WRITE: English, Portuguese and Spanish

KNOWLEDGE: French, Italian, Catalan, Hebrew, German (Basic)


I have traveled to 24 countries around the world and extensively in Brazil.  My family and I lived in Bristol, UK, in 2007, and I lived in Lisbon, Portugal.




I worked as an International Consultant in a joint project with FAO (United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization) and CONSEA (National Council on Food and Nutrition Security), working at the President’s Palace.  I was responsible for consultancy and the elaboration and translation of technical documents, in the area of Food and Nutrition Security, as well as documents in English for CONSEA’s website, and for the 4th Conference of Food and Nutrition Security.



I was employed by the Foundation, as of March 2010, as the Regional Director for Latin America, until April 2011.  My duties involved among others, high level contacts with politicians and leaders in Brazil and various other Latin American countries, aiming the establishment of a caucus in their National Congresses. 


Other objectives included to help the promotion of  peace in Israel and the Middle East, inter religious dialogue, organizing events and lectures in Universities, schools, Churches, NGO’s, etc.


I traveled to various cities in Brazil, as well as Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, meeting important politicians, other leaders, and high level professionals in the areas of Public Security, Media, Academia and  International Relations. 



I was employed by the Embassy of Israel in Brasília, from January 2004 to March 2010 (over six years).  My first duties were related to the media, organizing events, and keeping contact with dozens of journalists of various important newspapers, TV and Radio.  I also organized cultural events for the Embassy.


In this position, I have made friends among various journalists and media personnel.  For over five years I was the Public Relations Advisor and Translator (English, Portuguese and Spanish).  I have made very good contacts in the Brazilian Congress (Chamber of Deputies and Senate), Federal District’s Chamber of Deputies, Universities, Colleges, Christian churches and organizations and Jewish organizations.


In the field of languages, on many occasions I was responsible for reviewing, correcting, translating and sometimes preparing the Ambassador’s lectures and speeches to the Congress, Christian and Jewish organizations, Universities and others.


I was also responsible for translating articles and statements from high ranking Israeli government authorities (President, Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs among others and Members of the Knesset), for divulgation in the Brazilian media, and general public.


During the visit of the President of Israel, Mr. Shimon Peres, (Nobel Peace Prize in 1994), in November 2009, I was involved in the team which prepared for this visit.  I was also part of the welcome party who greeted the President at the Air Base in Brasilia, and accompanied the Presidential party to various events at the Congress, and to other important commitments. 



I worked almost 18 years for the British Embassy in Brasília, from December 1977 to October 1995.  My duties were related to the general management and supervision of 13 industrial staff, organizing the team for a smooth running of the department, letting contracts, technical and commercial contacts, liaison with contractors, assisting with organizing and control of the budget, as well as translation, interpretation, and responsibility for the department’s procurement.


I worked under the following British Ambassadors, among others; Sir Norman Statham, Sir William Harding, Sir John Ure, Sir Peter Heap.


At the Embassy I had the opportunity of meeting His Royal Highness Prince Charles, Her Royal Highness Princess Diana, H.R.H. Prince Philip, H.R.H. Princess Anne and Baroness Margaret Thatcher.


 I was also part of the team involved with the Royal Visit of Prince Charles and Princess Diana to Brazil, in 1992.



I worked three and a half years for the Embassy of Myanmar, from September 1996 to February 2000, in the position of Translator/Interpreter and Assistant to the Ambassador; Brigadier General U Kyar Nyo Chit Pe, and other diplomats.    


I helped establish this Embassy in Brazil, and as well as translation and interpretation for the Ambassador and Embassy in general, I organized the Ambassador’s courtesy visits to Brazilian Ministers and other authorities, high level contacts, assistance in the general management of the Embassy, consular and personal matters, and some traveling with the Ambassador and other diplomatic staff.


 I organized the Ambassador’s official trip to three Brazilian states, where we met the Vice Governor or Rio de Janeiro, Mayor of São Paulo and other high level authorities.


I have had experience for many years, teaching English as a second language, Portuguese for foreigners and Spanish as a second language.

I worked two years at Berlitz Languages, four years at Cultura Inglesa (one of the most traditional English schools in Brazil, for speakers of English as a 2nd language), and at the United Nations in Brasília (CEPAL).  I have also taught languages on a private basis.




I worked for multinational companies in the beginning of my professional life, as a Translator and Interpreter.  I worked for Bechtel Corporation (construction) and Samarco Co. (mining).  In the area of social assistance and humanitarian aid, I worked for Christian Children’s Fund and World Vision International, helping to establish this company in Brazil.



“Diploma of Recognition for Assisting in the Improvement of the Diplomatic Relations between Brazil and Israel” – Given by the Chamber of Deputies of the Federal District.


“Certificates of Recognition” (four, by three different churches, in recognition of the services rendered to the International Church of the Nazarene in Brazil).


Letters of Reference” from the Embassy of Israel (including the Ambassador), British Embassy, Embassy of the Union of Myanmar (including the Ambassador), Church of the Nazarene (in Brazil, the UK and the USA), Bechtel Corporation, Samarco Mining Co., World Vision, Cultura Inglesa, personal references among others (approximately 20 Letters of Reference).


“Silver Plaques” – (two)

Paul Robert Phillips